Jetted Bath Tub Repair Services in Long Beach, CA

When it comes to jetted tub repairs, we are able to assist our clients in a variety of ways. We have a great deal of experience with jetted Jacuzzi tubs, and there is no shortage of common issues that will arise. To find out more about all the issues that we can assist you with, please be sure to check out the following guide…

Water Remains Dirty

Murky, foamy, cloudy waters? Tired of the strange odors that the jetted bathtub is giving off? Not to worry! You can start by obtaining a test strip and checking the pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels. The water may also need to be shocked on a regular basis. If this does not work, the water will need to be drained. From there, the tank must be cleaned while empty. Broken parts have to be fixed, the jetted bathtub cover must be cleaned, and clean water will be used to refill it.

Control Panel Error Code

These types of codes can be frustrating, so refer to your owner resources, electrical guide or troubleshooting guide to see what the issue could be. The solutions and codes tend to vary between manufacturers and jetted bathtubs, so take the time to learn more about the specifics.

Lack of Heat

The heating element may be damaged and in need of replacement, in which case professional assistance is needed. Before contacting the pros, check on the water level, examine the circulation system for blockages, wash off the filters, rinse them and give them a good soak in filter cleanser. Reset the heater or turn the breaker off and on. Check for an airlock if the water has been filled recently. If these steps are not fruitful, the heating element is the next area that needs to be checked.

Pump Is Noisy

If the noise in question is a deep growling, this means that the pump is in need of water. Blockages need to be cleared, the water level must be filled, and the valves need to be opened. As for high-pitched squealing, this is a bearing-related issue. The bearings could need to be lubricated, and the circulation pump may need replacement.

Malfunctioning Jets

To get started here, turn the jets to make sure that they have opened. Has dirt or calcium begun to build up in the jets? Has the water been filled? Has the filter been cleaned? If the answer to these questions is yes, take a closer look at the plumbing line to check for blockages before testing the waters again. The jet lines could also have an airlock that will be removed if they are turned on and off.

Leaks at Filter Cap

The canister top may not be tough enough, or the gasket could be worn and cracked. These are easy fixes. Is the bleeder screw sure to be closed? If these questions have been addressed, the cap gasket may need professional examination.

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