Hot Tub and Jacuzzi Repairs & Maintenance

jacuzzi servicesIs the water in your spa too alkaline? Is your hot tub due for a thorough cleaning and sterilization? Call Blue Heaven Spa Services! We’re the area’s premier provider of repair and maintenance services, as well as spa chemicals in Long Beach, CA. We’ll even educate you on the best way to keep your tub or spa in tip-top condition.

For regular maintenance on tubs and spas, you won’t find a more affordable provider. We charge $125/hr., while others start at $150-160/hr.!

Maintenance and Repairs

Our abilities span every part of maintenance and spa repair in Long Beach, CA. From mechanical repairs to fix leaks, to chemical treatments that re-balance your water’s pH, allow us to care for your tub or spa with integrity.

We also service above-ground tubs/spas, in addition to indoor or in-ground units. These fixtures have water that’s typically acidic and needs to be treated differently. We’ll pinpoint and maintain the right chemical balance to keep your water clean and your fixture comfortable at all times.

Best of all, we’re manufacturer-recommended for servicing tubs and spas by a variety of top-name brands, including:

  • Cal Spas
  • Free Flow
  • Hot Spring Spas
  • Jacuzzi
  • Limelight
  • Master Spas
  • Sundance
  • Tiger River

Monthly Water Services

Our monthly water services are the best investment you can make for your tub or spa! They include essential treatments to restore the integrity of your fixture, including an acid wash, chemical bath and filtration service. We drain everything and apply these treatments every 3-4 months for outside tubs/spas. We also recommend cleaning filters monthly and doing partial drain outs as-needed. All of our monthly services are tailored around the demands of your tub or spa.
jacuzzi-spa maintenance

Spa and Hot Tub Accessories

Need a little something extra for your hot tub or spa? We can special order chemicals and custom parts to keep it well-maintained at all times. We can also order covers and accessories, tailored to fit your specific make and model.

Custom Quotes

Because all the work we do is personalized around your hot tub or spa, we’re happy to provide custom quotes as well. We charge a fee for a diagnostic inspection, however if you choose us to perform repairs we’re able to waive that fee altogether.

Plus, if you have work that’s out-of-warranty, we’re happy to work with you to determine a rate that’s fair!

Make sure a well-trained, well-qualified professional is servicing your hot tub, spa or jetted tub. Choose Blue Heaven Spa Services today and call us at 562-824-8567 to schedule an appointment.