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Blue Heaven Spa Services aims to be your all-in-one resource for hot tub, jacuzzi, jetted bathtub and spa maintenance and repairs. From water treatment services to electrical installations, we get the job done right the first time, regardless of the make or model you own. Let us help you keep your luxurious amenities running right, so you can relax in comfort with peace of mind!

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Your Complete Spa Service Provider

A spa or hot tub is meant to help you relax and feel good. But, that’s hard to do when your water feels stale or your tub feels grimy—or when the jets aren’t working altogether! In these situations, the best thing you can do is call Blue Heaven Spa Services for hot tub repair in Long Beach, CA.

  • We aim to educate our customers on proper spa care and maintenance etiquette, so they can enjoy their investment for many years to come.
  • We’ve been in the industry for nearly 20 years and are an owner-operated company. Everything we do is hands-on and precise, tailored to your spa or hot tub.
  • We service non-warranty and out-of-warranty issues! If you’ve got a problem and it’s not covered, give us a call and we’ll get it fixed for you.
  • We offer 30-day warranties on all of the work we do, as well as special pricing for our first-time customers. See how easy and convenient it is to work with us!
  • Our company is manufacturer-recommended for servicing a wide range of brands, including Tiger River, Limelight, Cal Spas, Jacuzzi, Free Flow, Master Spas and more.

Let Blue Heaven Spa Services be your partner for maintenance and repairs

We’ve been the go-to repair service for nearly two decades, and we bring a personalized level of expertise to every tub and spa we work on. We’re about more than just swapping out a few parts or dumping chemicals in your water. Instead, we strive to provide lasting solutions and give you the education you need to maintain your tub right. From mechanical issues, to water pH imbalances, to electrical trouble and anything else affecting your tub, trust that we have the solutions.

We’re also one of the most affordable and convenient resources you have for spa and jacuzzi repair in Long Beach, CA! Our prices are below other providers, yet you’ll end up getting a higher caliber of work because we take the time to deduce the real problems with your fixture. We also do out-of-warranty work and offer monthly maintenance services, helping you avoid the major costs that come with tub or spa failures.

We promise you’ll be able to enjoy your tub or spa any time you want!

Keep Your Spa Comfortable

Don’t let problems with your spa or hot tub keep you from relaxing and enjoying it. Contact us today to keep everything working properly. Don’t forget to ask about monthly water services!

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